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Meet Our Committees

Many committees and dedicated individuals generously serve Princess Street United Church in its mission to serve God and the community. 

Official Board Chair/ Stewards Chair

The Official Board consists of the chair/representative of each committee below plus all members of the Session & Stewards. The Official Board is responsible for the oversight of the other committee's, the congregation, and the church.

The Committee of Stewards is responsible for the temporal matters of the congregation, including financial support, property maintenance, and day-to-day administration of the church's institutions. 

Board of Trustees Acting Chair

The Board holds in trust all the property of the congregation for the use and benefit of the congregation as part of the united Church, for such religious, charitable, educational, congregational, or social purposes.

Session Chair

The Session is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the congregation, including worship, education, pastoral care, and outreach. This function is usually associated with committees, groups, or teams responsible for worship, membership outreach, pastoral care, and education.

Tara Deblois

Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P) Chair

The purpose of the M&P Committee is to support the communication between the congregation and staff. It serves as a confidential, consultative body that supports the pastoral relationship and is accountable to the Board.

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